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02-18-2009, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Well, personally, if the Rangers are consistently collecting points in the standings, I am entertained. And thats what they were doing up until 3 weeks ago. They werent setting the world afire since the first 13 games or so, but they were avoiding the losing streaks and always keeping themselves in contention.

Im concerned now because they are losing points in the standings at a frantic pace. I could give two ***** about how many style points they may have lost along the way.
Well that's just a bit strange from my perspective. Considering that sports are meant to be a form of entertainment. And I'm not talking about style points. I can enjoy a team that will get a huge F for style as long as the effort and work ethic is there.

So you can strip the argument down to "style points" as the complaint. Or you can say that this latest downfall was nothing short of inevitable given their style of play. Understanding that they were never at any point this season some shutdown defensive team. That was just an inaccuracy perpetuated by some fans to justify the high placement in the standings while being outplayed more often than not.

If you play on your heals the way they have all season long, the slightest drop in concentration or alertness or desire to give up the body is going to lead to what we have been witnessing. Renney was doomed to lose these guys from the get go. This is a game of inches and seconds. And they aren't talented enough to play this way and be successful for the long haul. There was no way this group was going to stay motivated and playing on the edge, given the momentum of their games. Whether they were racking up W's or not. At no point this season did they have genuine confidence.

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