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08-19-2004, 11:17 AM
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Seems like the guy is simply going on what he hears on boards like this. I could have written the same article and I don't know one insider anywhere. BUT, what he says COULD go on is certainly possible and personally I think that it would be the best course of action for the Rangers. It would be a good idea to trade Rachunek for a young-middle aged forward and that's been my opinion since the end of the season.

When it comes to Poti and Rachunek, we really only need one of them. They play the same game and are prone to the same mistakes. If you consider Tyutin an offensive threat than that gives you 3 regulars (+ Pock or Kondratiev or both) who are better offensively and at moving the puck than playing defense. You can't build a defense like that (imagine Poti/Rachunek/Tyutin/Pock/Kondratiev on D, they would get man handled every night). But, obviously we aren't trading one of the young guys... so it comes down to moving Poti or Rachunek. Poti has a higher ceiling and atleast can run a power play right now. Rachunek has talent and will be solid, but theres not a spot for him right now in NY. Not to mention, Rachunek might even have more trade value right now than Poti.

Kasper, Tyutin and Poti are the top 3.
One of Kondratiev and Pock make the team. That gives you 4.
One of Strudwick and Purinton makes the team as a defenseman. That gives you 5.
A McGillis type player is needed, a physical stay homer. An FA gives you 6.

That's your top 6 right there, and that's assuming that either Kondratiev or Pock will be in Hartford AND Strudwick plays LW. If Pock makes the team, which is very possible, that gives us 7 defenseman right there along with Strudwick who can play D. If guys play well in camp I can see this team having 8 natural defenseman, without Rachunek. Rachunek really isn't needed at this time, and it would be better for us right now to have a winger instead of him.

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