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08-19-2004, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate
pock playing in 4 games and kondratiev playing in 7 games in NO way guarantees them a spot on next years roster.
True, but since there are TWO spots open and we have TWO promising NHL ready defenseman....that is a logical conclusion to make.

Originally Posted by "Levitate
but judging from what the rangers have seems they're looking to have kondratiev play on the rangers and are at least undecided about pock.
So why did you even try and call out the guy if you have read what he has read and even mentioned in the article? He said judging from what Rangers management has said Kondratiev has a spot on the team and is his to lose. So you are agreeing with that, so that isnt an assumption like you tried to make it to be in your other post.

And the Rangers probably are undecided, but since the only other NHL defenseman with the Rangers are Dale Purinton and Jason Strudwick i think Pock has the edge over them at this point.The only competition i see is from Bryce Lampman, and even if Lampman beats out Pock that means there is ONE LESS SPOT for Rachunek and Poti. Again, its his to lose so if he plays crappy of course he will be in the minors. Logical conclusion....

Originally Posted by "Levitate
i'm also starting to think you're the person who wrote that article, what with your comments on it being exactly what was written and not deviating one bit...
Not really. I know the guy personally and I agree with his LOGICAL points. Again, he is not stating it as fact but he is giving his outlook on the situation and how he thinks we can remedy it.

Originally Posted by "Levitate
i also don't think that the rangers could get any useful left wings by trading best they get a 2nd liner (probably doubtful) or 3rd liner, more likely third liner, and they HAVE guys who can play left wing that far down the chart.
Wrong again. You will at least get a 2nd line LW'er for Rachunek. Guys like Pascal Dupuis, Taylor Pyatt, Jan Hrdina etc.

Originally Posted by "Levitate
there are also left wings they can sign, like rucinsky, who would be cheap, disposable, and not be a waste of an asset
Have you even looked at the depth chart before arguing the guys points?

Right now we have Jamie Lundmark and Garth Murray as LW'ers. Even if we sign Rucinsky we still need either a 2nd line LW or C(depending on where we put Lundmark). So its not wasting an asset.

Originally Posted by "Levitate
a physical defenseman would be nice, and maybe sather does sign one...but statements like "this is the only logical way it happens" are rediculus.
I never said its the only way. I said any logical person can look at the guys article and realize the points he was making and at least understand where he is coming from.

Funny coming from you though, since you debated his "assumptions" then agreed with them a few posts later and then give your remedy to the situation which doesnt even deal with the point of the article.

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