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08-19-2004, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
NASCAR crushes the NHL on ratings. I'm not sure how or with whom a TV deal is made to broadcast NASCAR races.

Anybody know the business side of the sport?
NASCAR numbers are a deceiving thing because there is one event a week and EVERYONE that is a fan of the sport has to watch that one single event, which also holds every driver(team) in it every week...

The NHL gets bad numbers nationally, the only numbers to compare to NASCAR, because the teams are regional and thus have regional loyalties that don't necessarily translate to watching other teams(clearly they don't based on NHL numbers).

The only way to truly compare the two sports TV numbers would be to have every team in the NHL play one night, and then add up all the numbers to reach what the national number would be in comparison... if they did that I don't think the NHL is doing that bad because some of the local markets are very strong, even in the US... The problem is that those numbers, as said, aren't creating good national numbers, which is where the major contracts come from obviously(basically what you were saying... but pulling the thread out of the situation some).

I would bet if a channel could nab all of the local broadcasting rights for the NHL they would jump at it. You look at the markets like New York, Detroit, Philly, etc. that all have strong local numbers that they would love to have. It isn't a coincidence that the Flyers/Ranger games are constantly played on saturdays in the spring when ABC has the feed.

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