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02-18-2009, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
ya know what's weird - I rooted harder for those crappy teams from 98-2004 than I have for recent teams. Heck, for much of that time I was a season ticket holder, willing to eat 20 pairs of seats each season. Weird. Can't really explain.
I agree. I liked those teams better. Honestly I think the despair many fans are feeling is caused by the salary cap. Yes... the 98-04 teams were worse. Not even close to a playoff team while with this one is in the hunt. But this roster is incredibly boring, and most fans will agree that pending an amazing trade by the Rangers, this team will get worse in the upcoming years. Between the salary cap getting lower, and players needing raises, we cant afford to keep this team together in the next 2 years.

Now with the 98-04 Rangers there was always a trade deadline to look forward to or July 1st. The Checkmates and the FLY line were entertaining to watch. We had Barnaby making things interesting. Even Simon was pretty fun for a short time.

This team doesnt have single line that is fun to watch. We have no big hitters, or agitators. I have to say, I did watch tonights game in full. Hard to miss an Islanders vs Rangers game. Overall the game wasnt that great, but oddly I was pretty entertained. Maybe it was my low expectations.

God I hope we get Avery back...

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