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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Good work, and a lot of interesting "what ifs".

More than anything else, for me at least, it reminds one of just how absurdly dominant these two players were.

As a Trottier and NYI fan during that time, once #99 arrived on the scene, never once did I expect any individual awards of note to be coming his way. Didnt make #19 any less of an all-time great, of course. He was simply going up against a legend who produced offense at a clip which no one had ever seen.

Moreover, the Cups softened any blow.

I like to say that alltimers like Messier and Trottier were "great hockey players". Gretzky, Mario and Orr transcended that definition.
very lucky to be around for gretzky and mario and orr - it's funny how the term "great player" is so often thrown around now. Guy scores 30 goals and 70 pts and he's a "great" player - gretz had more than that before Christmas and people were wondering if he was having an off year.

Scott Gomez scores 13 goals and gets 7MM - wow!

and to your point, Trottier and Bossy and Messier may have played 2nd fiddle to 99/66 - BUT, were incredible players and probably better than any player today...although time will tell.

Crosby, Ovechkin and to a slightly lesser extent Malkin are tremendous talents and given enough time and luck, can be among the greats (not 99/66) but in the next tier, for sure.

They have the raw talent, but, until they can play into June and grab some rings, they'll never be considered among the all-time greats.

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