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08-19-2004, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Flames Draft Watcher
Well then you didn't explain yourself very well because what you stated was flat out incorrect. Both sides will present lists of players they think are comparable. The arbitrator decides if those players are comparable and if they are he/she would use their salary as part of the resolution.

Chances are Theodore isn't a good comparable because he's more proven. But there is a chance the arbitrator doesn't factor the experience argument in as much.

Not sure why you make a distinction about them signing as RFA's, RFA salaries can certainly be used as a comparable.

Did you even bother to read anything about the arbitration process? What way does it work then if you don't think player salaries as used in arbitration?

i JUST explained myself, and I think you're being as unclear as i admit i was at first. YOU are making it sound as if a group of arbitrators goes down a list, finds comparable numbers, and throws out a salary. i clarified my earlier statement, so you can probably stop trying to discredit me. besides, it's in your best interest that i'm right. what happens if kiprusoff DOES make 4 million dollars? what happens if iginla wants 9? is a team that's not exactly a high-roller going to pay 13 million dollars between two players? you might be disappointed.


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