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08-19-2004, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
But FDW is right, though. Your statement was bordering on misinformation.

Arbitrators are not exactly hockey genius. They are halfway between taking what the player has accomplished and looking at numbers across the league. That's what they do. And the recent wave of goalie contracts WILL play a huge roll.

It seems like you have this idea that they will look at his worth as a player only. That's not what an arbitrator does and that is why in years past more defensive players rarely went in arbitration. because they new these guys were complete tools looking at stats and awards and finding a match in the league.

This is also why players like Stillman loves those process. Still man is an excellent example of a player who is worth more on paper than he does in reality.

An arbitrator is going to look at Kipper's stats and this is going to be pretty hardcore evidence for him. Then he'll weigh in different factors (like the fact Kipper has only performed well for a limited amount of time, something the Flames wills stress) and then Kipper's camp is going to present a series of goalie signings. Theo and Giguere are going to be mentioned repeatedly.

When the Habs signed that wuss to that awful contract, they hugely contributed to salary inflation. It is garanteed to benefit Kipper, although to which extent remains to be seen.

You make it sound like those guys are hockey men. They are not, even though some of them can be linked to hockey. They are much more likely to ponder on arguments that could be downright scary. Such as this one:

In the last 5 years, which #1 goalie who went to the SC finals earned the lowest salary the following year?

Then calgary will counter with arguments of their own and a decision will be taken.

It's not like this tool is going to watch videos, you know. He is going to look at numbers, especially salaries of comparable players.
I understand all that, and as I've said...perhaps I'm making it sound one way when I'm meaning another. I think a specific example is Gonchar only getting 5.5 million while niedermayer got 7. I feel like more faith can be placed in arbitrators taking into consideration a "what exactly have you proven over what period of time" type of approach more so than in the past, and it's my hope that they do this for Kiprusoff, rather than saying, "well, he got to the finals, Theodore didn' let's give him 6 million dollars"


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