Thread: Injury Report: Alfredsson Has a Broken Jaw
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02-19-2009, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by jayjay54 View Post
we'll see how the boys respond without him, but to be an optimist, if we keep winning great and if we start losing better draft pick which is O.K. too. But honestly, let's make the playoffs, Go Sens Go.
This is the type of attitude which has led to some of the most enjoyable Sens hockey to watch all season. The early season performance has so lowered expectations that I have long since resigned myself to the likely scenario that the Sens will miss the playoffs.

As an optimists, I look to the fact that the Senators will have the opportunity to draft a top prospect, and stabilize the future of the roster.

With the recent winning streak, I was torn. I still feel that the playoffs are out of reach, and occasionally would yell at the TV "What are you guys doing getting leads and playing solid hockey?" Of course all the while enjoying the fact the team was winning and the games were entertaining to watch.

I feel we are in a win-win situation. Either get a decent draft pick or make the playoffs. Even if they maintain the miraculous run and just fall short of the playoffs the draft pick should be decent (Karlsson last year) plus they have the SJ pick. Or maybe they actually do the unthinkable and make the playoffs; that will mean we have watched one of the best month and half's of hockey in history and have team on a roll in the playoffs.

Either way, I'm fine with it.

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