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02-19-2009, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Rated R Superstar View Post
It's funny, we were one of the top 5 best defensive teams with Kovalev in the team also.
That's a nice strawman. The problems in the lockeroom didn't seem to show up until Koivu came back and Kovalev reverted back into 1st gear, which is not Koivu's problem, but Kovy's.

The defense and the goaltenders were fine? Even when we were winning we kept on giving 3-4-5 goals .
No that's untrue and you are totally exagerating. They were top 5-7 on defense before the last 14 games. Go check the scores from mid-december to mid-January.

Sending Kovy home was part of the shakeup that Gainey wanted to create, he also traded for an veteran dman and sent down Sergei.
I never said Kovy was the only one causing problems in the lockeroom. Sorry, but a "shakeup" as you say is a psychological weapon. He used that weapon and look at the results. It is also apparent SKost was part of the problem. And the trade was in the works waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the problems started showing up, so that is just coincidential.

That all together had to push the whole team. I don' think benching Kovalev alone before this game could've made us perform better.
I beg to differ. I've seen it before and it will happen again. We have no idea of what went on in the lockeroom, but from cause and effect, to me, it is obvious having Kovy around, whether is was his fault or not, was a big part of the problem.

I'm aware that team spirit, confidence and chemistry is a very important part of a hockey team, but it's not fair to put the whole thing on Kovalev's shoulder.
I never said it was all Kovalev, but he was part of the problem, whether the players wanted him out, Carbo wanted him out, or that he was plainly a bad influence, or that he had personal issues and was affecting the team. There was a feud in the lockeroom and Kovy was part of that. It's not about being fair, its about logical deduction and critical thinking.

Anwyay, lets just agree to disagree.

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