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Originally Posted by Kafka View Post
It is sad to read you guys. Too easy for anyone to say someone is "racist" when that person is nothing near being racist. I refer here to comments regarding journalist Tremblay.

Wanting more North American is not a racist thing: it's only part of the game. There is hockey, and there is the Stanley Cup. Most North American hockey fans see the Stanley cup not only like a Championship, but like the most important thing they could win in a lifetime. It's probably the same for a Russian in the RSL or Swedish in the SEL. It's something you get during childhood and that stays in your guts. Some europeans will get that feeling and will do anything to win. Others will never find that and will end their career in an european league.

As for Les Canadiens, it is notorious that this team is at the roots of a nationalist feeling in Quebec. That team is the pride of a nation, like the FC Barcelona is for Catalans as examplified by the following link from their website ( Who's playing for that team? Yes, great players like Henry, Keita, Henrique.... But just take a look at their roster: its filled dominantly with Catalans! Pujol, Xavi, Valdés, Mata, the list is long...

Are Catalans racists or is it a pride nation? They aren't trying to destroy an other population: they simply want to exist, and they exist through their team.

So for now on, please take the Montreal Canadiens for what they are, and understand that talent + emotion are required to win this game.
I completly agree with you, but do you how this thread will end up?

And btw this is an internet forum, you shouldn't care what people say.

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