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08-19-2004, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by BobMarleyNYR
OK, I'm not an expert here, if that's what you meant... as far as I know, arbitration sets a price tag for a player... right? Now, that player can ask for less, but why would he? Plus with 7 being the guidline amount, it won't venture too far even if he does decrease his demand... SO, if you were to sign him, he'd only be hurting the NHL's economic status.

Don't think it's anti-NJD bias, because Jagr disgusts me also... but, he made that deal at a time when this situation was unforseeable.
i don't think your argument was anti-nj...i think that arbitration is the simplest form of negotiation where both sides argue their point and an independent person decides where he thinks the salary should fall. I think it's great for the NHL and the players and avoids most lengthy holdouts. If the owners don't like the decision they are allowed to walk away from the commitment. Why would Nieds ever decrease his demand especially with the Blues offering Pronger 10 million...7 million is good price tag for one of the best d men in the league.

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