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08-19-2004, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
I already posted this on the Ranger board, anybody catch the latest THN? Interesting stuff, a national survey in Canada revealed the following:

1. Over 50% of those responding felt the players had to be more flexible, only 21% felt it should be ownership. (The rest presumably felt both should be equally flexible.)

2. Over 80% of those who responded said they would continue to follow the NHL to the same degree they always had, even if a half-season or more were lost. (The caveat is that the result of the work stoppage must yield a more equal financial playing field. Still, this is pretty close to a blank check for Bettman to close the league without fear of fan backlash.)

3. 72% strongly or somwhat agree that the owners are being honest about the financial situation.

4. 77% strongly or somewhat agree that a hard cap was necessary for league stability.

Looks like the NHL is winning the hearts and minds of Canadian hockey fans. The NHLPA better kick the PR machine into high gear.
One of the keys is that they polled fans of teams in Canada ... and for the most part they are "small-market teams"

Only Toronto would be considered "large market".

Obviously fans in Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa are going to side with the owners.

Polling is all about who gets polled. You can get any answers you want by polling the right demographic.

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