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08-19-2004, 05:49 PM
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lampman started out ok and then fell off some towards the end i think...i believe he started trying to do a little too much and suffered from it. when he first came up and kept it simple, he was doing pretty good

as for the lineups mentioned being "soft"...tjutin, kondratiev, and rachunek aren't as soft as some people think. tjutin is plenty tough, can throw big hits, effective hits, work the boards, and work the front of the net. he's not the best player in the league at it or anything but he's not soft and he won't get run over by NHL players, he can hold his own. unfortunatly i haven't seen kondratiev but judging from everything i've heard...he plays a solid physical and defensive game...he's not just another skilled offensive defenseman that is weak on D. he seems a lot like "tjutin light" which means he'll take care of his own end and not back down. rachunek is also strong enough to work the boards well and the front of the long as he does it consistantly. he does it better than poti did and he's not all that "soft" either.

it wouldn't be the toughest lineup but i think it'd be tougher than people think. pock also showed he's game when it comes to working the defensive end...he may not be quite strong enough now but he showed he'll battle, which is worth something

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