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02-19-2009, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by xaydhon View Post
The only problem with Schneider is that he made us see how bad Komi is.
So sad to say but I agree with this assessment 100%!!!

Originally Posted by Cheli24 View Post
Schneider gives the Habs an excellent right point man. He is experienced and great on the PP. And I must say, it was cool seeing him in the Habs colors again... like he never left. Other than the 1987 Flyers, the 1992-93 Habs were my favorite team of all-time... Schneider, Desjardins, Muller, Roy, etc.
Same here! And the joy of watching a CH game shot up a notch knowing that Schneider was on the ice! If only Captain Kirk would come out of retirement!

But seriously, Mathieu was very solid throughout the entire game. He kept things simple and didn't make any glaring mistakes.

I do see that he's slow down since the last time he was here (to be expected at age 39) but I saw that his ability to carry the puck up ice was just as good as before...the only thing is Markov now seems lost a bit, unsure of what he needs to be doing since there's a new puck carrying general for the PP.

Mathieu's decision making with the puck is still there but not as sharp as it once used to be, perhaps because of the slow down in his speed. You saw this during one sequence during the PP last night when he couldn't penetrate the offensive zone with his passes because Washington guys are so fast and he's not as fast as he used to be.

Schneider's pressence on the PP with his booming shot also opens up a lot of lanes and because of the opposing team's respect for his shot, it opens up a lot of room for other guys on the PP like it did for Plekanecs yesterday. Just what the doctor ordered!!!

However, the rest of the team was also playing hard and it was the first time in a LOOONG time that I saw CH players drive to the net and buzz around the goal crease!!! THIS is what wins hockey games! I'm starting to like that Max Pacieorety kid more and more! I think that he could develope into a real good power forward if everything goes well.

I also really, really like Schneider giving OV the lumber after the whistle for crashing the net!!! THIS needs to be taught to kids like Komi.

Having said all that, and it's only after one game but I think that Schneider was probably our best D-man last night! Atta boy Mathieu!

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