Thread: Injury Report: Alfredsson Has a Broken Jaw
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02-19-2009, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by ohmbrew View Post
Fuhr, do you honestly think that either Heatley or Spezza should be traded if they can't carry this team on their backs within this three game sample size?

Really? Come're more reasonable than that.

I understand it's frustrating to watch these guys not do well, but this has been a crappy season for ALL players within the team. Sure, they're highly paid, but you sort of have to evaluate the team as a group as well and see that things have not worked out for various reasons. If you make rash decisions like that and sacrifice a high quality player based on the games when Alfie is out, that's just being foolish.

Spezza and Heatley have done well in the past, and both have been able to consistently score in the playoffs. You have to remember that the last half of last year and this entire year have been horrible for this franchise, but at least these guys can still put up points. What would you rather have instead of Spezza and Heatley, more third liners?

Sometime you just have to write off a period of bad games. Heatley and Spezza have created a lot of chances this season, and for whatever reason, they've been snakebitten, but the chances are still there, and I can't imagine how pathetic the team would look if we didn't have either of these guys.

So, in all honesty, I can't imagine how you think it would be wise for the future of this team to trade one of these two guys based on a few games when Alfie is out. Vice versa, even if they do excel in Alfie's absence, it doesn't mean they're necessarily ready to break out and be the leaders we've all been looking for. The sample size is just too small.
A week is to short but I was thinking Vanek with the injury. Say 3-4 weeks

If it is 3-4 weeks that should be enough. I am sick and tired of them always failing when Alfie is not there to holdthere hands. Time to make a statement.

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