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08-20-2004, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
Do you really think that? I only watched him closely for a year while he was on the Island. He struck me as needing work on positioning and technique, but I thought he has all the basic tools (in terms of reflexes, ability to see the puck, etc). I think he can be a pretty solid #1 on a decent team.

I thought Carolina made a mistake letting him go.
the canes were just being cheap. he had to be qualified at 2.8 or something like that, and he could have gone to arbitration - which may have inflated his salary even more after this past season (he was awesome, he couldve gotten 3.5/4 mill). they were probably afraid they would have to eat that salary cuz no one would trade for a salary that high right now. the mistake was that they could have just let him go after the award instead of not qualifying him. still stinging from the irbe situation, they just cut bait. they knew they could get gerber or someone to replace him for cheaper. i dont think they let him go because of "attitude". he took everything that was thrown at him this year, so what if he gets pissed from time to time - who wouldnt? he would be good fit for the rangers, i dont think he will ever be a cup winning goalie - but hell keep them in some games until montoya or blackburn are ready. hed be perfect for 2 years.

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