Thread: News Article: Kovalev back with team on Friday
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02-19-2009, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Asterix let me ask you this. What is the ultimate goal of this season. It's to go as far as possible in the playoff. If you are in Gainey's position. What is the best thing to do? Trade Kovalev for a second round pick and wish this teamto make the playoff. Or give Kovy the time to rest and look himself in the mirror so he can give the best of himself when he comes back.

A good kovalev in the the team is a better than a team without Kovalev. But then again, that's if you believe that Kovalev will be a better player when he comes back. This team has more chance to go far in the playoff with a good Kovalev. Kovalev has always been good in the playoff for us anyways.
To answer your question, the goal is to make the playoffs and to do well in the playoffs. But that doesn't change that it should be done without Kovalev.

No doubt that a good Kovalev makes this team better. I don't think that anyone in their right mind would argue that. But the same people in their right mind should be able to acknowledge that a bad Kovalev is detrimental to the team just as much. The question marks have followed him his entire career so this should come as no surprise.

He's a UFA at the end of the season and I would be shocked if we offered him a new contract. My original idea was to trade Kovalev without getting any NHL player in return, simply reload on picks/prospect and pull the trigger on a much bigger trade. Whether it's Lecavalier or someone else. Clean up this mess.

But listening to what they had to say on L'Antichambre, hockey may now become secondary starting tomorrow...

Originally Posted by VAN-HAB View Post
they are not hockey fans!
Will you stop thinking you're better than others? It's getting anoying to read that you're attacking everyone who disagrees with you. Allow me to leave you with this great quote:

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Give me a freakin break!!

Someone please go back into the 1960s stats and see how even Jean Beliveau and Henri Richard had some very good years and some really disappointing years.
A couple of differences here. Both Beliveau and Richard are known for their effort, their leadership and dedication to their team game in, game out. So maybe the points didn't always reflect that, but never was their effort questioned. Also, if you look at their career, they were overall CONSISTENT. I think that you used a very poor example to try proving your point, in all due respect.

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