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08-20-2004, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Predatore
Fr÷lunda vs. Mannheim 7-5
0-1 Vitali Aab
1-1 Daniel ┼hsberg (Arto Tukio)
2-1 Jonas Johnsson (Niklas Andersson, Jan-Axel Alavaara)
2-2 Andy Delmore
3-2 Tom Koivisto (No assist)
4-2 Loui Eriksson (Niklas Andersson, Arto Tukio)
4-3 John Tripp (Steve Kelly)
4-4 John Tripp (Steve Kelly)
4-5 John Tripp (Eric Healy)
5-5 Jonas Johnsson (Niklas Andersson)
6-5 Jari Tolsa (No Assist)
7-5 Daniel ┼hsberg (Kalle Olsson)
I just replaced your ? with the correct names. Arto Tukio is a NY Islanders prospect and Kalle Olsson Edmontons.

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