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Originally Posted by C4KOMI View Post
wOW, Do you people live in Canada?
let's ban the media, ban RDS, ban this ban that...
you know what let's ban all medias
and let's also ban free speech,
and let's put people who speak against the organization
in jail.
reminds you of anything?

be lucky if you live in a democracy
and appreciate it
everyone has a right to give opinions
good or bad.

I just hoped that the rest of the media would be this involved
in what's going on in society
as much as sport medias with Canadians.

i really think the only loser here in all of this will be the fans .

Did this story really need to come out now? say what you like .

Now just think end of the year all the UFA we have thinking out resigning in Montreal ...HMMMM for example does big number 8(Michael Komisarek) say GOODBYE enough of this crap? Yeah id say this will INCREASE the odds greatly! this is where the fans become the biggest loser in all of this!!!..

AND going forward try to attract free agents *any good ones...good luck .

They might have sold a few extra papers but the Montreal Canadiens and its fans have been damaged for years to come .

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