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02-20-2009, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by C4KOMI View Post
wOW, Do you people live in Canada?
let's ban the media, ban RDS, ban this ban that...
you know what let's ban all medias
and let's also ban free speech,
and let's put people who speak against the organization
in jail.
reminds you of anything?

be lucky if you live in a democracy
and appreciate it
everyone has a right to give opinions
good or bad.

I just hoped that the rest of the media would be this involved
in what's going on in society

as much as sport medias with Canadians.
What, you hope that the rest of Canada's media reported useless information designed ONLY to ruin careers?

What was the purpose of this so called reporting? Did it lead to less crime? No, because the players were not involved in criminal activity. Did it divulge anything the public had a RIGHT to know? No, it was an utter invasion of privacy.

There are hundreds of people in the tapes the cops have but only a couple of players have to have their reputations tarnished over this? How come the others on the tapes aren't documented for all to see? Why was there not a list of names in La Presse of the countless people that surely were on those tapes?

Seems to me the only guys that got fingered are the only ones with public profiles. How come hundreds of people are allowed to associate with a criminal because they didn't commit any crime but the Kostitsyns, who didn't commit any crimes are pointed to?

You speak of ideals but are ready to sacrifice these two young players based on a story of their friendship with some guy that was arrested based on his association with gang members. The guy is not convicted of anything and the Kosty's may never have known of his alleged criminal activity anyway. This is nothing more than character assassination at this point with the information at hand.

You suggesting that this should be the new baseline for journalistic integrity has me wanting a complete ban on newspapers.

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