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02-20-2009, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by 3TB3 View Post
i remember a story a couple of years ago that made front page in that RACIST RAG - about 10 or so guys were arrested for drugs i think, 2 or 3 of them were jewish , the other 7 or 8 were not. la presse sensationally reported it as jewish organized crime ring is broken up. they had pictures of bugsy siegal, dutch schultz in the same story.


ALL the names they mention are NON-franco(i mean of people who descend originally from france before they came and stole the land from the native people)
Look.. take a break I dont know where you live but I am going to tell you two things first: La presse is indirectly owner by Paul Desmarais who is one of Stephen Harper, Jean Charest(okay more the Liberal party but anyway) and Nicolas Sarkozy councillor... he is also one of the most fervent federalist there is... so yeah La Presse is not "souverainiste"

Secondly.. racism as nothing to do with political affiliation.. or with this news... I agree.. a lot of medias are often way too pro-quebecers then they should but in this news it has nothing to do with it...

I work in the media world and believe me I hear a lot of the habs should only draft quebecer from anti-sovereignist media... repeat after me.. xenoxphobia has nothing to do with politic.. but everything to do with closed-mindness...

p.s. btw.. I am not saying there is no sovereignist working at La Presse...

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