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08-20-2004, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Radek27
Our best prospect and his name is misspelled a few times in this thread.

It is Tyutin, Tjutin, Tuytin or what?? I am pretty sure he spelled it Tyutin on his jersey, but a few other sites still spell his name Tjutin.
The way I see it: to transliterate his name into English, Tyutin. Russian is often transliterated into the Latin alphabet using a German pronunciation, though, which is why you sometimes see "Tjutin", because the "j" in most European languages makes a "y" sound.

On another note, the "y" sound in Finnish and Swedish is like the German ü or the French u. That means that the Rangers just signed Michael "Noolander", not "Neelander".

I just bring this up because I think that the Rangers announcers could do a bit of work sometimes on learning the pronunciation of at least the Rangers' own players. They spent years mispronouncing Sundström and Dvo?ák, and will continue to mispronounce Pöck's name for a long time...

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