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08-20-2004, 04:19 PM
Master Lok
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IF this rumor is true, I have a much higher opinion of Sather than I did before.

This move is all about insurance and stability. Think back to the draft. Why did the Rangers draft Montoya when they already have Lundqvist and Blackburn? Because neither was a sure thing - Lundqvist is in Europe and Blackburn is recovering from a very serious injury.

So why sign Weekes? Because it signals that there must be some question to Dunham's health or ability. And maybe Labarbera. We all know that goaltending is the most important position. I'm all for the youth movement but how would a Chad Wiseman or Fedor Tjutin feel if they goofed up the puck in the neutral zone and the opposition scored on Jason Labarbera, another rookie. => Loss of confidence.

Hopefully with a more sure veteran goalie in place, the rookies in front of the goalie may learn without losing their confidence. I can see that if Dunham does not return to form, then he'll be traded, or let go and Labarbera backups up Weekes. If Dunham does return to form, then both a Weekes-Dunham combo is very solid and would be good for the development of the young players in front of them. Blackburn is simply not ready for the NHL ONLY because he's recovering from injury. If he wasn't then I would say that Weekes isn't needed.

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