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Originally Posted by MikhailGrabovski View Post
Can anyone tell me why a lowpoint as a fan comes from the behavior of fans and media? that's fricking ridiculous, fans are fans because they like the team, not because of the media...the media can say what they want, it won't stop me from being a canadiens fans...low points as a fan for me? perezoghin's slash, Butch not having his jersey retired...things THAT ACTUALLY PERTAIN TO THE ORGANIZATION[/QUOTE

Am I being called out here?

How does winning only 3 of our last 15 sound to you? The fact that we see an "annointed" saviour of a goalie wilting in front of our eyes? The 100th anniversary of perhaps the greatest sports franchise being tainted by careless behaviour from players, racist remarks from journalists, and overblown speculation involving cops showing up at airports?

Not exactly having fun here.

Did I say I was going to stop being a Habs fan because of the media? NEVER.

But it saddens me that this team, that I love, is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. What bothers me is there are some who seem to want to continue to speculate, infuriate, demean, and lecture the Habs organization about how they should conduct their business. The whole HOLIER THAN THOU attitude evoking from the media is clearly hindering the team's ability to perform on the ice, and now the reputation of the city and the media is potentially going to cause future talent to avoid coming here.

So to call MY rationalization of MY lowpoint ridiculous is way off buddy.

Your user name is ridiculous.
Seems to me you weren't much of a fan to begin with

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