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Originally Posted by RushDP View Post
The guy on CBC just said that he spoke to Gainey and that they were completely not surprised by this story. They had in fact conducted their own investigation and knew it was only a matter of time before it came out.

Knowing this explains a great deal about why BG didn't bother to reply to Perron's phone call. It is also probably why took steps to calm everything down very quickly and give that well delivered press conference in which he defused the situation very well. He explained that it was common for these individuals to attempt to infiltrate the team and they were on top of it. He answered every question calmly and took the wind out of the story's sails.

I have to commend BG on his handling of this and other issues. The team will be stronger once they are through this and the media will be weaker. It is really amazing how many people are ticked off at the media for over blowing something that could happen to each and every one of us.
of course. if anyone had paid attention to BG's press conference he made an analogy to knowing if 'habs players paid when they got on the bus or not'.

the team not only has security officials to 'look out' for players - for the most part anyway, but also he and upper management receive tip offs. they missed this one or maybe they didn't miss it, but the fact there was a wiretap meant the media picked up on it before habs' brass could deal with it internally.

keep in mind and it has been mentioned by many in the press. the k Bros are collateral damage to this story. this WASN'T an investigation of them, but mangiona and AXE, and they were caught in it.

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