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Originally Posted by SuperUnknown View Post
If you knew how many people gave their PIN numbers, you wouldn't be that surprised. Actually, I was really surprised to find out just how common it was.

Anyway, going back to "secrecy", well Hells Angels and Street gangs aren't really secretive about being part of a group that does illegal stuff. Mangiola has been well known by the law agencies for a while, he wasn't really a secret operator, but before Axe they just didn't have anything to nail him down. And working with credit card advances ain't something that can be used in courts so it's "safe" for him. Likewise, working that way would not make the Kost brothers criminally liable.

Bottom line is that the Kost brothers should not entertain regular contact with guys like Mangiola. I have friends who have family in the Hells Angels and when I had a business I could have made a lot of sales/got closer to Hells Angels members, but I knew better, even if I'm not a public personality. Did they buy/use drugs? Hopefully we will never know and if they did they will stop right away (and the Habs will monitor them). They got caught as bystanders in the Axe investigation and that should have never happened.
and i shake my head at anybody giving pins away for stuff that can so personally libelous / illegal / incriminating (especially public personalities) to people that have none of their actual interests at heart.... .
you're right, the Kos bros definitely stand accused of bad timing and being dumb

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