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02-21-2009, 06:02 PM
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Not the closest, but the one I felt the worst about missing:

I was playing D on a ball hockey team during a summer tournament. Games were two halves, and every minor was a penalty shot.

My team had had a rough round-robin, and ended up getting matched up against the best team for the first round of the playoffs.

They got on us quick, going up 3-0. However, we drew a penalty, and I offered to take the shot. The captain let me, and I ended up potting one cleanly shortside to make it 3-1.

Our team's top scorer got one right after to get us within one, and it felt like the momentum was changing. However, the other team answered seconds later, and we were back in a two-goal hole.

Just before the end of the first half, I drew another penalty shot. Everyone agreed I should take it, and away I went.

Forehand-backhand-wait-forehand. The goalie went down easy as pie, and I jumped up to avoid to his pokecheck while simultaneously sliding it glove-side. I knew I had it, just knew...

And I ended up rolling it weakly right into the side of his glove, which was stretched out along the ground.

I think we lost something like 8-2, so it ended up not mattering, but to get us back to 4-3 might have changed things.

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