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02-21-2009, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'm amazed by how over panicking you are.

I've been partying for a very long time. I've been part of what many could consider the ''jet set'' lifestyle.

Let me tell you something, it is INCREDIBLY easy for young rich FAMOUS bachelors to meet people.
The Kost broz didn't know this guy from back in Russia or wherever. They probably met this guy in a club.

You know, when Habs players go somewhere, they usually tell the manager, if not the owner, of the place that they'll be coming so they can be well taken cared off.
Once they get there, they get in right away, and there's somebody to make sure they get whatever it is they need instantly. It's like that for any celebrity.

I've seen the Kost broz with Markov and Ovechkin partying it up in the middle of the club with bouncers around them. I've seen groupies brought up to Komi's and the rest of the hab's tables.

I mean, it's just how things work buddy.

Now, what I think truly happened is this guy was introduced to them as the guy that could hooked them up with anything and everything. As most, young, foreign and rich kid would do, you just accept and don't really bother asking question. You just ride the wave of happiness and being well taken cared off.

Maybe they scored dope, maybe they got hooked up with escorts, so freaking what?..are we THAT naive to believe athletes don't party like crazy?..
I don't remember when, maybe 80's or 90's, but at some point the whole Steelers's defensive line was partying in Miami at a house party of one of the biggest cocaine smuggler during his era (Reference: Cocaine Cowboys). They were all high up on yayo the day before the Superbowl. They obviously lost, but it's just to say, everybody does it.
Does this mean the whole defensive line should be prosecuted??..of course not. Don't even think this story was ever made public. .
Of course the story of the Pittsburgh Steelers was never made public because you made it up... The Steelers only lost one super bowl and it was in Arizona...

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