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Originally Posted by Ape Clutch View Post
I saw my mom go to Cégep and my dad to U of M (then later U of Ottawa) even though both already had University degrees? Why because they came from Haïti! and guess what? They got their Canadian degrees and did so without having to go on welfare, worked everyday of their life, very hard raising 3 teenagers. Left a comfortable financial situation in Haïti to become basically High Schoolers in Quebec just so I could get a head start in this country.

So now that I'm in University (I wonder where I learned that education was important) and I think stuff is getting hard. I remember that my parents did this while raising children, so I suck it up and work hard. My parents are MY role models!

I wish parents stopped trying to say "Oh my child what is he going to think, these guys are role models". Enough with that drivel. These guys are entertainers, that's it that's all. They were all given an immense talent and are being payed to display it on the ice for OUR entertainment/enjoyment. It is NOT their job or responsibility to be a role model for your child.

That responsibility lies with you!
You know something ? You're aces in my book. I have my youngest going off to university in th efall, I'd point out this post as something to emulate and admire long before anyone who has enough status to get into a club.

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