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02-21-2009, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Mag1328 View Post
Hi. I come in peace.

I think the recent events should serve as a lesson to pretty much everybody.

1. First and foremost, the Montreal media both french and english share a big responsibility for what happened. Im not talking about La Presse, who did his job with extensive research and documented facts. Thats all they printed. But all those who, on Thursday night, blew the bubble so big, make me wonder how they could comment for hours on a news piece that they hadnt seen. Obviously, they took a big pot and stirred it with all the rumours (crazy and not so crazy) they had heard in the past few months. And it created one big ugly stew.

The media is already accused of feeding the beast too much; it reached new levels on Thursday. How radio hosts could have gone on the air saying there would be arrests at the airport is beyond me. That is not information. A kid named Maxime Deland nowhere to be seen on the Canadiens beat wrote a piece on Canoe that was pure fabrication. You put this on your website and you make it disappear hours later? That is not information.
The media has completely crossed the line on this issue. Every sports team in North America has its skeletons but the media usually maintains a both ways. The problem in Montreal is that the media have no scruples and will break The Code in a heartbeat if it means getting their two minutes of fame. The sensationalist manner of Montreal's media is much more like a British tabloid. Many of them are rotten non-sports fans who enjoy stirring things up....they are nothing more than a litter of rats.

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