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08-21-2004, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by CHaos2k
Finally it seems the owners have smartened up, and new CBA or not things will be different .... It's been a joke ever since 95 and now whether the players like it or not the owners are fixing the problems they created for themselves and rightfully so.
I would argue that the only reason owners are acting sensibly now is that they are unsure of the terms of the new CBA. If that threat was not hanging over them, they would not be acting in a fiscally responsible manner. It's only the possibility of a hard cap that's keeping them in line, and if the terms of the current CBA were simply renewed today, the bidding wars would start tomorrow over players like Demitra. Within a week you would have yourself another Holik or Martin Lapointe.

Don't kid yourself. Owners aren't any smarter; they're simply frightened. If the new CBA doesn't restrict them, they will return to their old ways and tne NHLPA will rejoice.

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