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02-22-2009, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by DarthSather99 View Post
It's not just the coach, it's the players. I believe the downward spiral started with free agent signings. It's been our achillies heel since forever.

I find it funny when people complain about Gomez and Drury but when we signed them it was pandimonium around if we had won the Stanley Cup. For whatever reason people are infatuated with big names.
People were excited because the signing of Gomez and Drury were NOT just like the FA binge buys of the pre-lockout team. The Rangers didn't go out and buy every over the hill player, regardless of whether or not they fit the needs of the team. They went out and got two, in their prime centers at a time when the Rangers most glaring need was at center. The Redden contract is definitely a head-scratcher (since his decline was well underway before Sather threw cash at him).

I look at the most successful teams and they build almost completely from within (Devils and Detroit).They have great scouting and development programs. They also give their young players ice time and live with their early mistakes.
I can't really fault the Rangers on this. The top prospect, that they were counting on sooner rather than later, died. Also, they HAVE given some young players ice time (Staal, Girardi, Lundqvist, Callahan, Dubi, and to a lesser extent Dawes). That trend is likely to continue with Sangs, Anisimov, Graschev etc.

Accountability. If Gomez and Drury aren't performing as first line players, bench them or put them on the checking line for awhile. That may change their motivation to succeed.
This I completely agree with. Redden sucking shouldn't be a surprise, as he sucked long before Sather made him rich.

Gomez sucking. Drury sucking. The team not playing up to scratch? That's on the players and Renney. The team can either deal away all of the players (which will cost some valuable assets in order to move some contracts), or try a different coach and see if that works. The Caps went with the new coach option last year. It worked fairly well.

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