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Originally Posted by Gforce33 View Post

And again wrong, where do you get this from? If you skate board/surf/snow board with your left foot forward, throw, write, bat and swing right handed than you are right handed and should get a right handed stick. I don't really see how a right handed person would benefit from a left handed stick, but maybe thats just me. I have played hockey on a competitive level for years and evryone that I know and grew up with playing hockey shoots the same way they throw etc....
Actually, You're the one who's very wrong. about 70% of the NHL shoots left. The handedness is about the same as the general population, about 85-15 in favor of right handed people. Do the math.

Most people shoot with the opposite hand that they write with. Why? The power on top. Power hand on top is MUCH more common in higher levels, because it does give much better stickhandling, and it also puts your dominant eye up to see the ice, giving you better vision for passing.

However, a lot of the best shooters have their power hand on the bottom. Typically happens if you played baseball or glove before hockey you're much more comfortable with it. But it puts the strong hand on the bottom to help shoot, and puts the dominant eye over the puck giving you better accuracy.

But the correct answer here is whatever hand you're more comfortable with. If you like how the left handed stick feels, use that one. And what surface you're playing on does not matter in the slightest.

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