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02-22-2009, 08:10 PM
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First: You shouldn't be stopping by TURNING. I assume you've had some experience rollerblading/roller hockey by this though.

The best tool I've ever had to teach people to hockey stop is the snow plow stop. (A hockey stop is essentially "half" a snow plow".)

Everyone has a weak side to begin with. In time your brain will adjust and you'll become more comfortable stopping both ways

One drill that I use to help this process is to have a skater line with their "Strong" foot against the wall (in this case your right) skate at a gentle pace along side it (With one hand placed slightly on the wall as reassurance), then repeatedly snow plow. First with both feet, then only with the left.

Remember in order to snow plow you don't turn your body first, .. your point your toes in, with knees bent of course, and the friction should cause you to come to a stop.

go around the rink a couple of times like that and in no time you'll be comfortable enough to ignore the hand on the wall and do it with no "Safety wires/hands"

Once you're comfortable at one speed, increase it etc.

good video with some of the same principles I use (ignore the cheesy music though )

good luck

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