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08-21-2004, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Rancid
Some Ranger fans have been goin about rebuilding all wrong. When other teams rebuild they still have some veterans there. Some of these fans want NO vets...which is sad. If someone suggests getting McGillis these fans will say no because it blocks development. We're not the pens....we have the cash to rebuild w/ vets, just because Pittsburgh was ONLY youth does not mean we should be...look at other rebuilding clubs.
Other rebuilding teams have featured leaders like Linden, Gilmour, Naslund.... and way more.
These fans want a 75% youth ratio while a healthy ratio would be about 50/50....
a roster set on rebuilding would definately new LW since Josh Green a 4th liner who's not young won't cut it...

Rucinsky- Lundmark- Jagr
Kariya- Nylander- Balej
Murray- Holik- Ortmeyer
McKenna- Betts- Laraque

McGillis- Tyutin
Kasparaitis- Pock
Kondratiev- Rachunek

POTI will need to be deal...for maybe Georges Laraque.

so lets review this
Youth- Lundmark, Balej, Murray, Ortmeyer, Betts, Tyutin, Pock, Rachunek, Kondratiev
Vets- Jagr, Nylander, Kariya, Holik, Rucinsky, McKenna, Laraque McGillis, Kasparaitis

9+9 = vets and youth...this is a great rebuilding team why?
well look at this

Kariya helps Balej breakout
Jagr and Rucinsky help Lundmark
Holik leads Ortmeyer and Murray
and Betts has two big guys to protect him...

on defense..
Tyutin has a big stay at home dman to cover for his mistakes...and to help clear the crease...

Kasparaitis helps Pock breakout as an offensive defenseman

Rachunek, Kondratiev mold together as neither have large errors in the defensive zone and Kondratiev has some Offensive upside.
i think its a great lineup, i would just take one vet off of the top 2 lines either karoitya or rucinsky. rather rucinsky considering kariya is only 28 and still young . the other lw spot i would say to sign a player that is between 25 and 21 who is nhl ready

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