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02-23-2009, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I really don't believe why people keep bringing the same argument. Are people in their right mind actually want a player that is way less talented just for the sake that he's french or from the Q? Don't worry, I had Grachev on top of my list as well, like I had Anisimov as well, like I had Berglund as my 1st pick in 2006 instead of Giroux, like didn't want Veilleux even if he was big and a centerman, like a guy like Cornet was a ND for me etc.....

So anybody who is blind shouldn't be talking hockey. But then when it comes to an hockey analysis, the needs that we could address through the draft, while much different type of players, there is a case for people who wanted us to draft a Danick Paquette instead of a Danny Kristo. Paquette has some deficiencies for sure, but I would never take out the fact that a kid REALLY want to play here. I don't really buy into the fact that kids won't like to be drafted by a team 'cause your goal is exactly to be drafted. So whoever is drafted by the Habs, will play for them. But whoever DREAMS and already see himself in a Habs uniform, I really don't see how we can just forget about that. You can take Subban as an example. Sure, whoever would have drafted him, Subban would thrive a lot and be the kind of character that he is. But anybody remembers the enthusiasm just because it was the Habs? And you don't believe it can be that extra boost in somebody's career?

Well Paquette was that kinda guy. Now he has in his mind, from his own admission, that he's going to show the Habs org. that they made a mistake. We'll see if that's as strong as thriving 'cause you're being picked by your favorite team. And again, I'm obviously not talking about going for Paquette as a 1st rounder just because the little kid likes Montreal. Not at all. But our 2nd rounder would not have been too far fetched. Having said that, I like Kristo so I'm not dissapointed about the pick. Just talking about having guys on board that will make every sacrifice they can to play for the team of their dreams.
I agree to some extent.

But, Paquette, while I liked him as a 3rd-4th rounder, was not somebody I would've picked with a late second rounder...especially with the talent available. I understand what you're saying, but Montreal needs to get some steady offensive firepower from their farm.

Paquette, my evaluation was a career potential of a bottom 6 player that brings a physical edge (similar to Jared Boll), with a MAXIMUM upside of a 2nd-3rd line tweener. Now, that is some pretty good value for a late 2nd rounder should we have a first rounder (like Lapierre in 03, when we had 2 picks before)...BUT, we didn't have a 1st rounder and needed to get (in my mind) a player with great upside, but a big bust chance since we didn't have any top-end talent coming in.

Kristo was way higher on my list than Paquette (I thought Kristo would be an early to mid 2nd rounder, very offensive top 6 winger), AND Grachev (who was my 1st choice for our 1st rounder should no other player fall into our laps)...

The idea would be then to trade up to get Paquette if he falls in the early-mid 3rd round, which the Habs didn't do. But I won't hold it against them, since I wouldn't have done it either, considering we had already lost our 1st rounder in a pick swap (for a 5th rounder).

I get what you're saying and I agree...but the Paquette pick doesn't make much sense to me. To ME. No disrespect.

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