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02-23-2009, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by MTLHabsAK46 View Post
I get what you're saying and I agree...but the Paquette pick doesn't make much sense to me. To ME. No disrespect.
None taken. A I get what you're saying as well. But personnally, while I was not cheerleading for us to take him, I would have liked it as well. A guy who knows his role, who would have love to play it for the team he likes the most, I mean it's difficult not to like him. And then, he's probably the first guy since a long time that I keep hearing say, to this day, that he'll make the Habs regret it, to show how much he would have love to be here. Hockeywise, surely a 2nd rounder makes not a whole lot of sense. But then the intangibles kick in and it could have make sense after all. See, the Lucic pick from Boston didn't make sense to me when it happened. Not that I totally disliked him but I was questioning so much his hockey sense and his skating that he was a 3rd rounder for me. So I went through the same process for Paquette and thinking that he had a long way to go but could be a candidate to turn it around.

Like I was saying, I liked Kristo and still do. My main concern about him and the main concerns by a lot of "experts" will be his ability to be as offensive in later stages of his career. And while his skating is impressive, there are question marks as far as his offensive play and hockey sense are concerned mostly in higher stages of his career. It's not like he's entirely without any flaws. Just that clearly Timmins and Co went for needs when they started to rack up the D's.....well seems to me that there are other needs to fill now and if Paquette succeeds, it would have been one of them.

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