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02-23-2009, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
yep, there are a lot of scouts in switzerland. the problem in the past was that all highly-touted swiss players busted. michel "the swiss miss" riesen for example. many expected bartschi to succeed, but it never happened. only goalies worked well.
that's why NHL were hesitant about taking swiss players. tim ramholt is another example of a player who should have made it, but never did. or i remember julien vauclair who had all the tools and even played a NA-like game.

so all swiss hockey needed was some guys who can prove that it's possible to translate the game from swiss rinks to NA rinks. and i think sbisa and weber could be the guys. if they succeed i expect swiss player to get more recognition by scouts. much more.
I am very surprised by that !!! i guess they have part time jobs at best

Well, i didn't understand it in that way.

To me they are watching Switzerland. They are not actively searching and data-mining in Switzerland. If they would see someone, they would wait him to move first or to see him again and again. Unlike in SEL where they would rush on a 17year old rookie because he is 6" tall, weights 190 lbs and his brother is 25 and plays in NHL.

We had the "swiss goalie" light that was on ! and they started being interested in them. They have a leming attitude. You have to tag their daily life and they will go for it. A bit of Ambuhl here (World championship), the sensitivity is prepared and then a bit of Ambuhl their (His personal life ... with wife and hockey histroy on and the interest grows. Finally some points in the next World championship, a nice game vs US or Canada or another well covered team and dors may open. ... and will have helped a not very entrepreneurial Ambuhl to find a job and get the green card !

That was my understanding ... now certainly you know more about this world ...
But it is my nature to doubt about "high professional people", i always believe that personal experiences and personalisation count a lot more in business decisions than what is admited.

PS Zecke, your avatar is awsome !

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