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02-23-2009, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan View Post
I strongly disagree that Gaborik has no value until he's playing. He's a top 10 offensive player in the league when healthy, and someone would move "decent" assets if he'd be available at the deadline on the off chance that he comes back after the deadline and is able to play. The real issue is how much is he worth, and how could the deal be structured to mitigate some of the risk if he's unable to go.
Thank you...that's all I've been trying to say. Some GM's are conservative by nature, but not all of them. You have to think there are at least a few GM's out there with the cajones and ego to take a shot at Gaborik, and give up a decent package for him. The conservative GM's are not going to take the chance, but history shows that there are always GM's brazen enough to take a risk like this.

Here's the thing with Gaborik. If the prices get out of hand for mid-level talent, and you're already looking at absurd packages like a top prospect or a 1st for a guy like Antropov, then why not gamble? If I'm committed to making a bold move at the deadline, then why not put all your chips in and take your chances on Gaborik? What if you're Gainey, or Sather, or even Gillis, what do you have to lose? The first two especially have all but stated that something has to get done with their clubs, and if they can't salvage this year then there's an outside shot that they're toast in the offseason. Make a splash.

And someone asked me about what the Bruins would give up...I don't see them as buyers, but a man can dream can't he? I don't see Risebrough settling for crap, and I don't see Chiarelli willing to give up those sorts of assets to get Gaborik. The Bruins aren't desperate, and Chiarelli doesn't need to make a statement move to solidify his role. But there are more than a few brazen GM's that are going to at least think about the immense reward you could get if you had the balls to do it.

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