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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
I beg to differ.

the stiffer the skate the better. and then you will adjust the way you tie them and they will brake in.

I skate in pro stock Vapor XXX (SUPPER STIFF BOOT) and I'm not sure I'll ever be willing to skate in anything less, ever again. The stiffer boot almost automates skating.
No Way Jose. As I stated in another post. I used to love the Graf 705's. Awesome skates. When my old pair wore out, after about ten years. I bought another pair of 705. I am about to throw them in the trash. If I could get a bag of pucks for them I will make the trade. They are terrible. They are no longer made out of leather. The boots after a year are still too stiff. What I mean is,normally after a game if you were to squeeze the skates they would be a little soft. Not with the new Graf's When you squeese them they are as hard as a rock. Zero give. The old graf's were stiff,but not that stiff. So according to my expierience, stiffness has allot to do with it.I guess to each his own.
Also if you think about it. Stiffness in everyhing is going to make a difference. If you like a 80 flex in a stick and switch to a 120 are you going to tell me that the 120 isn't going to be to stiff. I think it would be.

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