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02-24-2009, 08:38 AM
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Chris Drury quote

from today's Post
"Certainly we needed something just to get us to play better...whether it's a different personality, a different voice, a different system, or a combination, but technically it might help us to try a different approach".
This is from today's Post (sorry there isn't a link - I still read the hard copy on the train, and sorry mods if this is somewhere else but I don't know which topic it would fall under and didn't go through all the threads).

Now, I'm thoroughly disgusted that it came down to the dismissal of Renney. This is a quote from the team's captain. People dispute whether or not us folks can determine who's a good captain and who's a bad captain since we're not in the room or on the ice. Honestly, if the captain, who happens to be a vet, states the following "we needed something just to get us to play better," then I have to question his attitude on the ice and off the ice. The players won this round. They got Renney fired, and man do I hate that. This isn't a vet like Mess getting a coach fired, and even that's wrong, this is Chris Drury, who has never been the "leader," but rather always part of a team, typically teams with leaders. "We needed something?" - how about better play from Drury - which he one day, after 55 or so games, readily admitted, although perhaps that was just window dressing and he was blaming the coach for the team's woes...the same coach who coached him in the prior season to the second round. Makes me miss Jagr and Shanny because if they were here, I wouldn't have heard a peep from Drury and Jagr especially was not above his coach (this latest rendition of Jagr). I hope Torts doesn't five Drury a long leash and gets that kid to play.

Another interesting note in the article: "John doesn't know Sean [Avery] the way we do," Sather said. "Over time, he'll learn to love him the way I have." - uh, is Avery now a Ranger - sure sounds like it...

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