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02-24-2009, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
and maybe playing hockey just stopped being enjoyable for the players because of the system, and never being able to take any risks. Remember it is a job for them, and like any job you need to enjoy what you do to do it the best.

Drury came here w/ the promise of playing an uptempo game, same w/ gomez, naslund, zherdev etc.... Renney did not follow through on his promise, and made the game boring as hell w/ all defense all the time. Playing defense probably isn't the most enjoyable aspect of hockey, especially for offensive forwards who LOVE playing on the rush such as Gomez and Drury. Playing Renneys system was probably torture, and very well could have sucked the energy out of them.

Its no different than if your boss/teacher tells you he is going to do one thing and than does something completely different. It probably will piss you off, and get you down. Same thing happens to presidents, and world leaders. IF you say you are going to change something and don't follow through than people will be pissed. Renney promised change of pace, a fast attack team. he delivered a boring as hell, defensive minded, fall back style of hockey. I know if I was a player I wouldn't be all that thrilled of playing that style, if I was specifically told we were going to be fast paced when I got here.

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