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08-22-2004, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Law Dawg
Certainly, Hitchcock is a good coach and he can mold his players to suit his system. My biggest problem with the notion of Weight going to Philly is his ridiculous $7 Mil contract. I thought BC was supposed to be trimming the edges of the budget and not throwing another huge salary on top. There is no way that I can see Zhamnov making anywhere near that anywhere. So if BC is honestly thinking of adding Weight's contract to the pile, he should stop and sign Zhamnov for far less. The only way Weight's deal makes sense is if you send back a big contract, and the Blues are also in the business of shedding some payroll thanks to Prongers $10 mil deal .....

First off, Pronger's contract has NOTHING to do with our payroll scalebacks. He was ALREADY making 9.5 mil before we signed him to that contract. All that happened there was that Pronger accepted his QO. People are makiing FAR too much out of the number Pronger is going to get. The reason we are scaling back our payroll is because Laurie is tired of losing 30-40 mil a year for a First round exit. We can get those results with a FAR lower salary as Nashville proved this year.

Secondly, the Blues apparently have a little money to spend on a FA winger or two so we could concieveably add one of your big-money forwards. Personally, I don't think our teams are a good match for a trade as we both need essentially the same thing: young, cheap forwards who can replace the older, much more expensive ones we currently have.

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