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02-24-2009, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
Well I don't know why pro stock skates sell for so much and are rock hard stiff.

I guess you could always go the thrift shop and find a pair of bauer huggers if you want a limper boot? *snicker*

Boots and sticks are not even close to the same comparison. But ok as I get stronger and heaver I up the flex on my stick as well as I skate better I want more support in my boot.

Graf 705s are a pro level skate and sold as such
"lightweight extra-stiff boot"

You got the skate you paid for. I hate the Grafs personally since I have duck feet.

I hope you find the skate you are looking for.
Lol. I understand your point. Someone pointed out someting to me and that is each skate is cut differntly. Some skates are cut where you might have a little more "Flex" in the boot. I guess that is the term that I was looking for. With the nex Graf's you don't get that certain flex when you push off like you were able to get with the original pair of 705's.

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