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02-24-2009, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Forget about their salaries and the length of their contracts for a moment. Just focus on the players that Sather brought in as compared to the players already on the team. None of these guys made any sense for this team at the time they were signed, and that is simply speaking on the ice, not even counting the financial side.

This is ALL on Sather. Like his prize acquisitions, he is extremely overrated and hasn't done **** as a GM in nearly 20 years. Gomez and Drury made no sense for this team because both need to be surrounded by a lot of talent to excel, which this team didn't have, doesn't have and won't for a while.

Redden we all know the story. Signing a guy who has been awful for two seasons to the league's worst contract... these players made no sense for this team. They don't belong here and now this team is poorly put together. How could someone look at this roster in August and think to themselves: this is the recipe for success. A team lacking a single first-line forward, a team lacking size and strength, full of smallish, talentless grinders, and a soft, mediocre defense.

It doesn't matter what Drury says because the problem isn't the system, it's that there isn't anyone on the team with enough talent to make **** happen on their own. They are ALL complimentary players and role players.

Tortorella won't change that.
You know, a lot of people assumed this team would struggle scoring goals this season...

A lot of people thought that replacing Jagr/Straka/Shanny/Avery with Voros/Rissmiller/Naslund/Zherdev wouldn't have positive results.

Even last season, with 2 600+ goal scorers, there were plenty of games where we couldn't muster up enough offense.

It's no surprise we struggled offensively. Not too me, anyway.

As an avid poster on the Rangers board, I recall numerous people saying things like "This team might take a step back this season with the moves Sather forced". They were correct.

The changes Sather made is what ultimately set this team up for failure. Scotty Bowman behind our Bench would struggle finding consistent offense with the group of players Sather has assembled.

Renney's no fool. He played, and coached this team to their strengths. But that's where the real joke is. This current team, can't even excel in the little areas of the game.

The Jed Ortymeyer's, Steve Rucchin's, Dominic Moore's, and Ryan ****ing Hollweg's were capable of playing a simple, countering system that rewarded attention to detail. Yet their better replacements couldn't.

Sather set Renney up for failure. Can you guys imagine your boss doing the same? And then firing you? It's hard to make Peanut Butter with Almonds. I don't give a damn how hard you try.

I think a lot of people expecting Torts to turn this ship around, are in for a rude awakening.

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