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02-24-2009, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
So let me get this think he should have been leading that team? He was a rookie when they won the cup. I mean if you want to throw out his 4 years or so in Buffalo then I understand, but what do you expect from the guy when he is still a young maturing player? The guy was the leader of an entore organization. You dont have to go any further than to go back and read direct quotes from Lindy Ruff(who i very much respect as both a coach and a person) as to who the locker room was handed over to his last couple of seasons in Buffalo.

He is quiet, get over it. Not all leaders have to yell into the cameras when they are around or tell the fans everything that is going on behind closed doors in order to be a good leader. I know many people here want a captain like Avery who will just say anything that comes into his head and wears his emotions on his sleeve but in order to go far in this league you have to keep your emotions in check at times in order to pay attention to the smaller details and not get carried away.

But hey, if people want an Avery-type of captain, thats great, I, myself like the quiet captains like Sakic, Lidstrom and many others.
Ok no. But what I'm saying is when people go oh Drury is a proven winner I was just looking back and going through that Avs team and he probably didn't play a big part at all. And really that's the only place he's proven he's a winner.

Calm down.

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