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02-24-2009, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Pyke View Post
One note, first, if I may:
When I suggest compensation for players, I don't always consider "would both sides make the trade". This is a pointless thing to examine, because sometimes the teams suggested wouldn't actually trade anyway. I try to offer what I think would be a relatively close deal in terms of, what team A would need to give up to get team B interested.

On that:
For the most part, very very few players are "untouchable". Keith's very good, but the Hawks do have quite a few good young defencemen, and B. Campbell locked up long-term for the rest of the century . Keith is playing really well, but he'll get a raise soon enough, and that'll make it tough to have $12-15M committed to two defencemen, particularly when you consider Seabrook and Barker in there as well.

I don't really like Montreal much, but P.K. Subben seems like the real deal. He'll be cheaper in the long-run than Keith will be; so that's a consideration. Even if he's just top 4, that works fine. Pacioretty and Plekanec offer some more firepower up front, on a really loaded team, again, at a fairly good price tag.

I'm mostly thinking in terms of building the franchise / competing.
I'd say Keith is pretty close to untouchable.. The offer would have to blow them away for them to be interested.. Because there really is no point in trading him.. Especially not for young players. Chicago wants to win now.

They have been stacking up on great prospects for a few years now, why would they deal their best player and take a huge step back when they are ready to compete right now?

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