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02-24-2009, 08:28 PM
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Stick on a budget: BauerOne50/RBK4K? or Mission Flyweight?

I've decided I should finally move onto a fully composite stick. For the past few years I have used one piece wood/abs, mainly due to the cost. I've noticed that the hard, square like shaft is bad on my hands, I have sores at the bottom of each of my index fingers. Also when I have borrowed others composite sticks my shot has significantly improved in speed/accuracy.

I'm in New Zealand so there's not many places to buy equipment nor is there much of a selection at the few stores that are here. A lot of players in my league use high end sticks. I don't know how they pay for them, I think some people are partially sponsored, and other people probably have lovely parents! I could never justify spending $500nz on a stick that could break any time.

So, considering that, I've come up with these two choices.

Reebok RBK 4K:

Nike Bauer Supreme One50:

Any comments on these particular sticks?
Or any advice?

I've used a RBK 4K before and quite liked it.

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