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08-23-2004, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
When exactly did Simon make Laraque look like a big, pile of nothing?
While I am not advocating trading Poti, let's not forget reality. Poti was HORRIBLE last year. He was outright abonominable. Easily the worst defenseman in his own end. So bad in fact, that I am beginning to remember Pilon in a favorable light. We could not get an old skate for Poti right now. That is reason enough not to just trade him (if that was even possible). Poti DOES have a world of talent, however, he has now been through 5 coaches and 3 GM's that could not get him to play a lick of defense. And with his "offensive guys should not be held to the same standard of as everyone else, when it comes time to play in your own end" attitude, I just do not see him improving much.
Playing solid defensively is as much an attitude as it is desire and ability. And, while he clearly has the ability, he has not the attitude nor even a desire to be a better defensive player.
On a team that already has Pock and Rachunek, there is not room for Poti. Even if Pock becomes a solid 2-way defenseman, you still cannot have a defense that has BOTH Poti & Rachunek on it. You will next year, and the only ones to suffer will be Dunham and whomever the backup is.

I think that was the best anti-Poti post ever made.

No stupid off-hand remarks, no mention of Mike York and you looked at it from both angles. Good job.

BTW, Rachunek is pretty solid in the defensive zone. So I dont see a problem with him and Poti on defense at the same time.

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